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Announcement - CHERP Fund Raising Workshop

PaulChung - Mon Jul 28, 2008 12:13 pm
Post subject: CHERP Fund Raising Workshop
Bring harmony to your Organisation with
Systemic Organisational Constellations
Systemic Constellations bring light to why you or your organisation cannot enjoy the success and happiness your efforts deserve.
Facilitated by David Mathes

A two day workshop with proceeds donated to

China Earthquake Relief Project (CHERP)
本體感覺創傷治療� 中國地震緩解計劃

co-sponsored by
United Family Hospitals and Clinics (UFH) 北京和睦家醫院
CHERP is to train Chinese trauma counselors
to use Somatic Experiencing� in trauma relief

August 16 & 17, 2008. 10 a.m.�6 p.m.
Fee: HK$2500. Early Bird @ HK$2000 each until August 10,
HK$1500 per person for a group of 3 minimum
Venue: Magis Hall, Wah Yan College, 56 Waterloo Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Workshop venue sponsored by Whole Person Centre
Translation into Chinese sponsored by Ninetta So

"I am much clearer about my company goal and the direction to improve my business. I have more clarity and more awareness of my blind spots, especially how my personal patterns affect my corporate life. I feel positively energized."
 L.W. General Manager

David has extensive Organisational and Management experience and solid Psychotherapy training and practice. David holds Constellation workshops in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and in China: Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Xi'an and other cities. He has facilitated dozens of city public workshops dealing with family and business cases for several hundred people. David�s unique experience helps the client feel the true situation and clarify and face what�s happening, and to gain energy to choose a new way.

Previous participants at David�s workshops have included:-
� Managing Directors, General Managers
� Entrepreneurs, Family Business owners
� Factory Managers, Project Managers, HR Managers
� School Principals, University Students
� Coaches, Psychologists, Consultants

The reasons they came included:-
� Conflict with business partners or in Family business
� Staff not motivated, stealing or capable people keep leaving
� Company not well organized or to support major decisions
� Not sure if they can trust the customers or the suppliers
� Customers leaving or Company lost their good reputation
� Difficulty in having a career with passion or lacking energy for work
� Difficulty balancing work and family life or finding it hard to retire

Organizational Constellations work with facts, respect for history and personal contribution, and energy to see the different hidden forces and an overview of your situation. They provide a flow of energy that leads Organisations in the direction of resolution of their issues. Based on the work of Bert Hellinger and Gunthard Weber with this you can see a new picture of your situation and this can open the door for resolution. At the workshop you will be welcomed and treated with respect and confidentiality at all times. David believes that everyone�s perception is valid and important.

�The constellation workshop was impressive. After my case I now see my working relationships from a new angle. I have a new acceptance and more confidence to trust what is in the bottom of my heart.� K.Z. HR Manager Asia.

Please donate to CHERP

1/ via Paypal at the following link, specifying the donation is for CHERP.
Early bird: @ US$ 250 per person or US$ 190 per person for a group of 3

2/ TT RMB 1,750 per person or RMB 1,310 per person for a group of 3
to: The Bank of China, Beijing Liso Hotel Sub-Branch,
Jichang Road, Jiang Tai Road, Lido Holiday Inn Hotel, Beijing, China 100027,
Account # 4100800-0188-035216-6
Account in the name of: Joseph Elliott Rubenstein / Telephone: 86 136 0128 3489

Whether donating by PayPal or TT remittance, please send an email to Paul Chung <>, giving your name(s), contacts and donation particulars.

Paul Chung will confirm with you by email upon receipt of donation by UFCO.
Normal Fee HK$2500 each after Aug 10; on-site, $100 extra if allowed.
Act now! Only limited seats available!

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