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CHERP 中國地震緩解計劃 - CHERP Update from Laurie on Dec 10

PaulChung - Wed Dec 10, 2008 2:47 pm
Post subject: CHERP Update from Laurie on Dec 10
Dear Paul,

CHERP continues to move forward.

We have made a slight change in plans for January. There was a glitch putting a team together for January...Lisa was in charge of that.

So, instead, Elaine and I are coming for a week to provide case consultation, demos, and practice sessions with Phases 2 & 3 trainees. We will also do one-day orientations in the two new areas that CHERP will serve in March when a full team of 8 is sent.

The Research Report from Phases 2 & 3 data is completed and being reveiwed by Peter, Roberta, Janny, and Rob. The results are very positive.

Hope all is well with you. Perhaps one day we'll meet face-to-face.
warmly, Laurie

Research Director
Foundation for Human Enrichment
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